Financial Aid First Steps

Great News!

We have begun updating student admin (SA) to reflect any documents that have been submitted for the 24/25 Institutional Aid application cycle.


What does this mean? You will begin to see your checklists (To-Do’s) in Student Admin for the upcoming 24/25 academic year.


Will SA show everything submitted? Not at first. Due to a systematic process that must run overnight, there will be a delay between the Institutional Aid Application checklist populating and the tax  documents checklists populating.


I submitted everything, why does SA say I didn’t? Updating the documents received is a manual process. Please be patient! We may not have gotten to your documents yet, but we are working as quickly as possible. If we need anything further, we will reach out to you directly.


Does this mean I will get my aid offer too? No. The Department of Education is not sending FAFSA data to schools until sometime in the first half of March. We currently do not have an ETA on when aid offers will begin going out.