Important Information

Important Links and Financial Aid Information

*NEW*  This toolkit was designed to assist graduating students as they move into residency and later enter loan repayment.  There are links to help students explore options for residency and relocation loans, understand the process to select a repayment plan, get in touch with their loan servicer and establish payment.

If you are having trouble navigating the Student Administrative System these links will provide you with step-by-step instructions to assist in the completion of tasks like updating your address, making payments and accepting your financial aid.

Fast Facts

We have produced several short form, informational videos to help provide further explanation on important financial aid topics.

Annual Acknowledgement

A new helpful tool to understanding your responsibilities as a Federal Direct Loan borrower, your current loan debt, and future eligibility amounts can be accessed via the link below.

Federal Direct Student Loan Acknowledgement

Report Outside Aid

Students must self report any outside resources of financial aid (i.e., scholarships, etc.) to ensure that the financial aid offer is as accurate as possible. Failure to self report outside resources can result in financial aid adjustments.

Here are instructions for reporting outside aid

Student Administrative System Functions

UConn Knowledge Base

Managing Financial Aid

For more information on reviewing and accepting, or declining your financial aid.

Health Insurance Plan Waiver Instructions

UConn Knowledge Base

Direct Deposit Instructions

UConn Knowledge Base

Authorization to Use Title IV Funds (Financial Aid) to Pay for Health Insurance

The university cannot use federal Title IV funds to automatically pay for charges such as parking fees, balances from previous terms or health insurance. A waiver must be completed and signed by the student to give the university this authorization. Without completing this waiver the student is liable for the charges even if a refund is issued. Follow these instructions for completing a title IV waiver.

Student Loan Repayment Information

Repaying federal student loans can be frightening and seem like an insurmountable task. We have put together a resource with guides, videos and contact information for loan servicers to help make it easier. Please visit this website link (page temporarily down due to updating) to access the resource.

AAMC First Fact Sheets

The AAMC provides supplemental financial aid information for pre-med, active students and residents through articles about credit, budgeting and repayment. You can find that information on the AAMC website.

AAMC Financial Aid Resources

The AAMC FIRST program offers free financial aid resources for prospective and current students. They provide information regarding loans, repayment and how you can afford medical school. You can locate additional AAMC Financial Aid resources on this website.

AAMC Webinars

The AAMC offers on-line meetings for students throughout the academic year. Topics vary and students are encouraged to check their calendar for upcoming presentations. Often space is limited and students are encouraged to register early.


These forms are used throughout the year but do not necessarily pertain to applying for aid. They are nonetheless important and you may find yourself needing to use them at some point throughout your tenure at UConn Health.

Federal Student Loan Deferment Form

Use this form if you need to defer repayment on federal student loans while enrolled at least half time. This form cannot be used for private loans. Please contact your servicer directly if you need to defer a private student loan.

Budget Adjustment Request Form *New 2023-2024 Form Available*

There are times when life takes an unexpected turn and you find yourself needing additional financial aid support. In some cases financial may be able to provide assistance. Complete the linked form and submit it along with copies of all receipts to the office for review. Please allow one week for processing.

Request for Reinstatement of Previously Declined Aid *New 2023-2024 Form Available*

If you need to request aid you previously declined please complete and submit the form through our secure document portal. You can only use this form to request aid you were previously offered in the current academic term and declined.  You cannot request aid from a previous academic year. Please allow one week for processing.

Request to Reduce Previously Accepted Aid *New 2023-2024 Form Available*

If you need to reduce/return aid you have already accepted please complete and submit this form to our office through the secure document upload. Please allow up to one week for processing.

Citizenship Affidavit *New 2023-2024 Form Available*

There are times when we need to confirm a student’s U.S. citizenship. If you are asked to do so, please download, print and take this form to a licensed notary. They will verify your identity utilizing no less than two forms of government issued photo ID, and complete the form with you. Once complete, please submit the original copy to the office. Photocopies, scanned or other electronic versions are NOT accepted. Notaries can typically be found at your local bank, governmental buildings and in private enterprise.