Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness "Building a head start to your finances."

As part of our ongoing initiative to encourage financial literacy, the Office of Student Financial Aid Services has partnered with the  Association of American Medical Colleges to provide a personal finance program designed for medical and dental students, providing the tools needed to establish healthy financial habits through school and  beyond graduation.

This program is for all students of both the School of Medicine and School of Dental Medicine, and consists of live webinars, town hall question and answer sessions, in-person presentations and monthly coursework.    To register for this free programming, please create an account at  

Each month during the academic year students will be assigned coursework and asked to complete by month's end.  Students will receive e-mails notifying them of this coursework on the first, fifteenth and end of the month.  The office Facebook page will also have these updates.  Progress is tracked and reported to the appropriate dean.

Financial Wellness Calendar

Each month of the academic year a new seminar is held either in person or on-line in partnership with the AAMC.  Participation is free and registration links are listed below.  If you are unable to attend at the time of the webinar don't worry because they are recorded for viewing later on.

Title Date Description Link
AAMC Virtual Town Hall September 21 2023 Virtual Town Hall Q & A
Credit Webinar October 18, 2023 @ 3PM EST Understanding credit is essential to a solid financial future. You need to know how to access your credit report and score, how to monitor your credit report, and how to improve your score. Join Ms. Veronica Herrera from Experian, as she answers your questions and shows you what you need to know to become a credit expert!  Register here!
Financial Wellness Demo November 17, 2023 @ 2PM EST Join this FIRST webinar to see a demo of the AAMC Financial Wellness program. During this webinar, we will review the tools and resources that can help measure your financial health and get personalized recommendations for improvement, see how to complete online financial courses on topics relevant to real life, assess identity theft, calculate the cost of borrowing, create financial goals, create a spending plan, track expenses, and much more! Register here!
PSLF Updates December 6, 2023 1 PM EST Please join Emma Crawford, CFP®, as she breaks down the details of Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). She'll discuss the program's requirements, how to qualify, and how to begin making PSLF-qualifying payments as quickly as possible after graduating from medical school. Viewers will leave the webinar with clear and concrete action steps based on their specific circumstances. Register here!
Resident's Guide to Money Management & Loans January 26, 2024 2PM EST Join the AAMC FIRST team as we demo our new “A Resident's Guide to Finances and Loan Repayment.” This webinar will highlight all the resources available in our newly designed Resident Guide so that soon-to-be residents and current residents can utilize tools to manage their finances during residency. We’ll review budgeting tools, loan repayment strategies, resources that can help borrowers choose insurance, and determine if buying a home or renting during residency is the best option for them.  Register here!
Home Financing February 20, 2024 1PM EST This informative session, presented by Tal Frank, President of PhysicianLoans, will explain the ins and outs of obtaining the best home financing for graduating medical students and residents. Emphasis will be placed on the proper steps to take when applying for a loan and the exact questions to ask loan officers. Additional topics will include what mortgage loans are available for doctors (including special no money down home loans), understanding budgeting for a home purchase, debt ratios and estimating funds required to close a mortgage will be covered. Register here!
Tax Filing March 6, 2024 1PM EST Filing taxes is important during and after medical school. Join Mr. Martin Penn, of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, who will discuss filing requirements, including when to file and what documents or information you need to do so, as well as provide key dates / deadlines. We’ll also touch on the implications filing taxes may have when looking at retirement savings and student loan repayment options. Register here!
Loan Repayment April 2, 2024 6PM EST Join Jonathan Chancellor from the AAMC for a live, and in-person seminar where he reviews federal student loan repayment.  He will review the new SAVE repayment plan, along with the other options, PSLF and offer a live demonstration of the MLOC calculator and a few real world scenarios. Registration will open later in the academic year.

Financial Planning for Residency

For students looking to plan residency trips and interviews, the AAMC has created a web page that outlines the costs for ERAS applications, the National Resident Matching Program, and links for additional information and resources. The AAMC have also produced an extensive video in response to comments and questions from medical students regarding the process of applying and paying for residency.


Fast Facts

In the same time it takes you to scroll through TikTok you can watch a video that will help you better understand your financial aid.  We will post new videos periodically touching on topics like fee bills, charges, aid offers, adjusting your aid and more.

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