Why UConn Health

UConn Health is a vibrant, integrated academic medical center that is entering an era of unprecedented growth in all three areas of its mission: academics, research, and clinical care. A commitment to human health and well-being has been of utmost importance to UConn Health since the founding of the University of Connecticut Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine in 1961. Based on a strong foundation of groundbreaking research, first-rate education, and quality clinical care, we have expanded our medical missions over the decades. In just over 50 years, UConn Health has evolved to encompass more research endeavors, to provide more ways to access our superior care, and to innovate both practical medicine and our methods of educating the practitioners of tomorrow.

Our Mission

UConn Health is dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain healthy lives and restoring wellness/health to maximum attainable levels.

In this quest, we will continuously enable students, professionals and agencies in promoting the health of Connecticut’s citizens. We will consistently pursue excellence and innovation in the education of health professionals; the discovery, dissemination and utilization of new knowledge; the provision of patient care; and the promotion of wellness.

Our Vision

UConn Health will be nationally recognized for improving the health of the citizens of Connecticut through innovative integration of research, education, and clinical care. To achieve this, UConn Health will:

  • Be admired nationally for the quality of health professionals we train.
  • Be viewed as a model for the integration of the latest knowledge into the provision of health care and disease prevention, and for transferring what we have learned into the community.
  • Establish our research as relevant, contributory, and transforming.
  • Ensure our signature programs’ national reputation based upon translational clinical research, so that patients from a broad geographic area will seek out UConn Health for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Have a strong reputation in our region for utilizing the most effective care practices, as well as maintaining the highest levels of patient safety and satisfaction, leading patients to consistently choose UConn Health medical and dental clinical services over other providers.
  • Attract the best students to our schools, and the most skilled faculty and staff to our organization.
  • Be an indispensable partner to the State in health care policy development.
  • Make significant contributions to the improvement of the health of Connecticut citizens, particularly in underserved communities.
  • Be financially strong.

Our Values

Excellence — We recognize and support greatness in our caregivers, educators, and students for the benefit of our patients.

Teamwork — We realize the maximal potential of our students, faculty, and staff.

Leadership — We promote professionalism, compassion, diversity, and social responsibility in all areas.

Innovation — We are dedicated to the discovery and communication of breakthrough ideas in education, health care delivery, and health promotion.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice — We acknowledge that building an inclusive culture that supports diversity of thought, of data, and of teams will deliver the best health care to the citizens of Connecticut.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement

At UConn Health, we value diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as crucial to our mission to enhance the health and well-being of every citizen of the State of Connecticut. Additionally, we affirm the value of an inclusive environment and diversity within our workforce that includes age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, health status, ability differences, preferred language, and religion. Embracing these differences is embedded within our beliefs and aspirations. We recognize that excellence, teamwork, service, and innovation are only possible when guided by these beliefs. At UConn Health, we work collectively to address systemic barriers around the social determinants of health, health disparities, and bias. We work to foster a culture powered by authenticity, civility, and kindness. Transforming health care and delivering health equity requires perspectives from providers, professionals, staff, and learners from diverse backgrounds and building an environment in which all feel welcome and are positioned to thrive. We challenge ourselves to do this work every day and with every person we serve.

The Academic Advantage


Because UConn Health is home to the UConn School of Medicine and UConn School of Dental Medicine, patients receive the advantages of the latest innovations and research in health care. UConn physicians and caregivers are leaders in their fields, including emerging areas of personalized medicine, and many have received national and international acclaim.


Since UConn Health's inception, our faculty have been committed to high-quality research programs as part of the institution's fabric. The future of medicine starts here.

Through Bioscience Connecticut, the original research building on the UConn Health campus will be renovated to include space for start-up bioscience businesses. In addition, Bioscience Connecticut is bringing about a new collaboration between the state, UConn, UConn Health, Yale University, and the prestigious Jackson Laboratory. The project enables Connecticut to assume a position of global leadership in genomics and personalized medicine by developing new medical treatments tailored to each patient’s unique genetic makeup.

Convenient Community Locations

You can get primary, specialty, and dental care from UConn Health, at our main campus in Farmington, or at one of our satellite locations in communities across the state.

Quality and awards are nice, but they do not tell the most important part of the story. Making a difference in the lives of our patients is, to us, what we are here to do. Hear first-hand from our patients and their families and friends about their experiences with UConn Health.

Patient Stories

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