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Bladder Control Disorders

Many patients experience bladder control problems including urinary frequency, urgency, night time voiding (emptying of the bladder), incontinence (leaking urine or the inability to hold urine) or retention (the inability to empty the bladder). Incontinence can be caused by several factors including an enlarged prostrate, weakened pelvic muscles, medication, and diabetes. Causes of urinary retention include an enlarged prostate, medications, diabetes or weakened bladder muscles.

Most voiding disorders are readily managed with a proper diagnosis. Our staff includes experts in video-urodynamic evaluation, which includes different tests and scans, to get a thorough look at the bladder, urethra, and sphincters to achieve an accurate diagnosis. Our urologists are trained in both surgical and non-surgical urology procedures, and they have established collaborations with specialists in Geriatrics, Neurology, and Physical Therapy to provide the most comprehensive approaches to diagnosis and treatment. For patients who may need urogynecologic surgery, you can learn more on our urogynecologic surgery page.