• Training on use of all instruments in the NMR and Biophysics Core Facilities. User assisted fees may apply.
  • Consultation. A free consultation with the facility manager or other staff member can be scheduled to discuss how NMR, CD, ITC, SPR, fluorescence spectroscopy, or are protein production services can be used in your research projects.


  • Walk-up access for the 400 MHz instrument for trained users. Scheduling performed using the Faces¬†Scheduling System.
  • Walk-up access (pre-scheduled) of the 500, 600, and 800 MHz instruments for qualified and trained users. Contact the facility manager ( for scheduling.
  • Drop off service for NMR experiments. The facility manager can setup and run experiments for users not trained in NMR. Note that this service is for casual users of the facility. Users that utilize the NMR on a regular basis will be encouraged to run their own experiments or be trained by the facility manager.
  • Sample feasibility testing. Often users want to know if their protein can be studied by NMR. After a consultation the NMR facility manager can perform a HSQC experiment (or other applicable experiment) to explore the potential of a sample.

Biophysical Core Instruments

  • Walk-up access to CD, SPR, ITC, and fluorescence spectroscopy instruments for trained users. Scheduling performed using the Faces Scheduling System.
  • Drop off service for CD, SPR, and ITC experiments.
  • Open access to Phosphor Imager for trained users.

Protein Expression and Purification Services

  • Bacterial expression of unlabelled or labelled proteins in traditional flasks with shaking or with a BioFlo Fermenter.
  • Protein purification services for proteins expressed in the core.
  • Wheat germ cell-free protein expression.
  • Walk-up access to a New Brunswick BioFlo Fermenter for trained users.