Public Use Data Set

The Project MATCH Public Data Set is available in three waves. The first wave includes the major variables used to test the trial’s hypotheses (e.g., client matching attributes, treatment outcomes) and additional summary scale scores derived from the assessment instruments used in the trial. Data files are organized by content domain. Wave II files contain item-level (raw) data, also organized in terms of content domain. Wave III consists primarily of data from the three year follow-up evaluation of clients in the trial’s Outpatient arm. Wave II and Wave III data files also include additional measures developed by trial investigators that were not available earlier.

Wave I of the Public Data Set is currently available by filling out the application below and sending it to Janice Vendetti. Users should familiarize themselves with the design and methods of this investigation, as well as the data set documentation prior to running analyses.

Waves II and III of the Public Data Set are available by request only.  Researchers who demonstrate a strong and detailed rationale for use of specific data may submit a request to the Coordinating Center, by contacting Janice Vendetti.

Becoming a Public Data Set Registered User

Distribution of the data set is limited to qualified researchers who agree to comply with Project MATCH policies and procedures regarding the data set. Students who wish to obtain copies must have a faculty sponsor.

Qualified researchers must complete an application form and sign an agreement designed to protect the integrity of the data set and assure client confidentiality. An application form may be downloaded directly from this website.

Application for Wave I Data

Qualified researchers should complete one of the attached application forms and sign the Data Use Agreement designed to protect the integrity of the data set and assure client confidentiality. Completed applications may be submitted by email, fax, or post to the trial’s coordinating center at UConn Health.

Two versions of the application form are available for printing and/or download. Please complete either the Rich Text Format (RTF) application which allows you to type on it using compatible word processing software or print and complete the PDF application. See the application form itself for further instructions.

Completed applications will be reviewed by the Project MATCH Executive Committee. You are  encouraged to communicate with the trial investigators and with other users via this Project MATCH website.

Requesting Wave II and Wave III Data

In order to request Wave II or Wave III data you must already be a registered user of Wave I of the Public Data Set.  If you have obtained the Wave I Public Data Set and wish to obtain permission for additional data, please contact Janice Vendetti. No further application is required.

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