2021 PDRD Speak4Science Speakers

Name Title Affiliation
1. Antwine McFarland Senescent cells impact bone repair UCH
2. Wenqiang Du Scar assists excessive placental invasion
3. Mohamadmahdi Samandan In vivo printing improves wound healing UCH
4. Michael Arul Injectable nanocarriers for IVD repair and regeneration UCH
5. Sherli Koshy-Chenthittayil ABMs and bacterial biofilms UCH
6. Carissa Orlando Factors affecting anxious youth outcomes UCH
7. Shir Ginzburg COVID lockdown issues UCH
8. Debolina Ghosh Migraine therapy may impair bone healing UCH
9. Binsheng Wang p21-highly-expressing senescent cells UCH
10. Lichao Wang Role of p21high senescent cells in insulin resistance UCH
11. Maumita Bhattacharjee Amnion hydrogel for osteoarthritis UCH
12. Takayoshi Otsuka Bottom-up approaches for regeneration UCH
13. Stefan Sumsky Network drivers of seizure termination UCH
14. Alice Burghard How to measure a phantom – testing for tinnitus UCH
15. Neeraj Singh Microglial BACE1, a phagocytic regulator UCH
16. Kevin Child Splicing program for heart development UCH
17. Feyza Yilmaz Structural variants in the 3q29 region JAX
18. Mikail Dogan Antibody assays for COVID19 JAX
19. Duomeng Yang UBR5 promotes antiviral innate immunity UCH
20. Tingting Geng UBXN3B controls B lymphopoiesis via BLNK UCH
21. Gautam Srivastava Inhibition of Protein phosphatase-1 by I-3 UCH
22. Yuan Gui HGF is a key determinant of fibrotic KLM UCH
23. Roberto Vazquez-Munoz L-johnsonii inhibits candida biofilms UCH
24. Linda Archambault Approaching biofilms from two sides UCH
25. Eunhee Yi Extrachromosomal DNA tracking in cancer JAX
26. Kevin Anderson Profiling cell state diversity in glioma JAX
27. Ali Foroughi pour Integrative deep survival analysis JAX