2020 PDRD Speak4Science Speakers

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Name Title Affiliation
1. Martina Capriotti How marine suspension feeders capture food Avery Point
2. Feyza Yilmaz The impact of structural variants in canine disease
3. Lichao Wang Cellular senescence and insulin resistance UCH
4. Hasan Baig Biochemical simulation and synthesis tools UCH
5. Rachael Norris Gap junctions transfer organelles UCH
6. Yang Liu Deep learning lung CT images and COVID-19
7. Ali Foroughi pour Deep learning feature interpretation of pathology slides JAX
8. Nizam Ud Din Multiplexed SH2 profiling of phosphoproteome UCH
9. Jackie Jufen Zhu C11orf95-RELA reprograms 3D epigenome JAX
10. Abhijit Rath The challenges in diagnosis of Lynch syndrome UCH
11. Frederick Varn Decoding immune crosstalk in glioma JAX
12. Binsheng Wang Targeting p21high senescent cells UCH
13. Meagan Cauble Intervertebral disc phosphotyrosine signaling patterns UCH
14. Takayoshi Otsuka Towards complex tissue regeneration UCH
15. Lei Zhang Bioengineered ligament UCH
16. Chinedu Ude Chelation therapy for arthroplasty related metallosis UCH
17. Brittany Knight Improving local analgesic injections UCH
18. Hannah Hamilton Alcohol consumption during and after college UCH
19. Isaac Smith Anxiety disorder emergence in youth UCH
20. Ahmed Abbas scATAC-seq data denoising with scRNA-seq data JAX
21. Aaron Taylor Characterizing HOX-deficient ependymoma JAX
22. Shyam Kishor Sah Functional analysis of keloid-assoc. genetic variants UCH
23. Puja Kumari Hierarchical cell type-specific functions of caspase-11 UCH
24. Ju Chen IL-17 signals to Treg cells in colorectal cancer UCH
25. Xiaowen Chen The source of epiallele diversity in AML JAX
26. Linda Archambault Interspecies interactions in oral biofilms UCH
27. Maria Rocha MRSA persisters and polymicrobial niches UCH
28. Jacquelynn Benjamino MA-GenTA: genome-based microbiome profiling JAX
29. Stanley Yang Single-cell sequencing of genetically diverse microglia JAX
30. Rawan Olayan Data alignment to model Alzheimer’s disease JAX

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