Medical Records & Health Information Management

General Information

The Health Information Management Department maintains records of your treatment for all your care. The records are the property of UConn Health; however, patients have the right to view and receive copies of their medical/dental records. Your request to view or receive a copy of your medical/dental records must be made in writing.

All copies of medical/dental records are released from the Health Information Management Department/Release of Information Office. You may also speak to your provider at the time of your appointment about obtaining selected information from your records that might be necessary for urgent patient care needs.

Other forms of health information such as X-ray images (including dental X-ray images) and lab slides not considered part of your medical records must be requested directly from the appropriate departments (e.g., Radiology Department, Laboratory Medicine Department, or Dental Care Center). Please see below.

Also, your medical records do not contain billing information. Contact the Clinical Business Services Department to obtain copies of your billing records.

UConn Health does not provide copies of birth/death certificates. Please contact your respective town or city or visit their website to request a copy.