Going Home

Post-Acute Care Network

When you’re ready to go home, UConn Health is committed to providing a well-coordinated plan for a safe transition. Your health care provider may recommend a brief recovery period in a short-term rehab facility or follow-up nursing care in your own home. Patients are free to choose any post-acute care provider. UConn Health recognizes that sometimes choosing a facility can be overwhelming. In response, we have carefully vetted and partnered with several skilled nursing facilities and home health care agencies to form a preferred post-acute network.

The facilities and agencies listed have committed to keeping your primary care provider informed of progress and any changes related to your health to facilitate a smooth return to your home. In many of the facilities, members of the UConn Health medical staff visit patients during their stay to continue to provide exceptional care.

Talk to your provider for more information and a full list of skilled nursing, home health, and hospice options.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Home Health and Hospice Agencies