Month: March 2018

New Names for Parking Lots

You’ve probably noticed the new wayfinding signs that have been installed around campus. Well, along with the new signs—the parking lots have been renamed. The lots now have a letter and number. The letter has to do with the closest entrance to or part of campus where the lot is located. For example, at the Main Entrance, M1 and M2 replace lots G and F, and the lower campus lots will start with “L.” The parking garage names will not be changing. Check the full list below for name changes.

Currently Becoming
Lot K A1
Lot A/B A2
Lot C A3
Lot D A4
Lot J A5
Lot G M1
Lot F M2
Lot H H1
Lot L L1
Shuttle Lot 2 L2
Shuttle Lot 3 L3
Circle Road L4
ASB Lot L5
ASB Accessible L6