MRI scan of the brain and spine

Translational MS Research

Our internationally recognized researchers are involved in both laboratory and clinical research. They keep pace with — and often lead — efforts to advance care for MS. Our physician-scientists are enrolling clinical trials for new medications and innovations that have shown improvements in patients with progressive MS. For example:

  • We are finding new, innovative ways to improve understanding about what goes wrong in the brain of MS patients with advanced MRI techniques lead by Dr. Leo Wolansky.
  • Dr. Jaime Imitola, Director of the UConn MS Center, is using patient-derived stem cells to study neurodegeneration and repair.
  • We are finding a new mechanism to understand progression in MS at the molecular level in the laboratory of Dr. Stephen Crocker. He is studying the role of senescence in oligodendrocyte progenitor cells to altered remyelination.
  • We have several investigators working on the role of microbiome in MS.
  • We have several investigators working on the role of immature progenitor cells called OPCs in demyelination.