Month: April 2017

CRISPR Mice Now Available

CRISPR diagramWe have successfully used CRISPR to generate KO, KI (insertions of DNA fragments up to 9kb), point mutations, precision deletions (removal of specific introns), and other novel mouse strains. See our publications for examples. We deliver positive F1 mice to ensure successful germline transmission and deliver simple PCR genotyping assay. Contact us to discuss the creation of your new CRISPR today!

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GTTF Mice on the Cover

Journal of Biological Chemistry

Mice harboring a gain-of-function Notch2 mutation recapitulate selected skeletal manifestations of Hajdu-Cheney syndrome. Image of a femoral cross-section (bone marrow cells in green, bone surface with osteoblasts in purple and red, osteoclasts in yellow) from a mutant mouse.

Canalis E, Schilling L, Yee SP, Lee SK, Zanotti S., (2016). Hajdu Cheney Mouse Mutants Exhibit Osteopenia, Increased Osteoclastogenesis and Bone Resorption. J. Biol. Chem. 291: 1538-1551.

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