Clinical Trials and Projects

Clinical Trials

CM for Alcohol Use Disorders
The goal of this study is to use continuous alcohol monitoring technology to rigorously monitor and reinforce alcohol abstinence in alcohol treatment patients, with effects on outcomes compared to usual care without reinforcement examined.IRB Number: IE-13-040-2 (Alessi)
Interventions for Unemployed Hazardous Drinkers
This project is designed to reduce hazardous drinking and enhance active participation in job-seeking activities among those with job loss.  It will evaluate the independent and combined effects of reinforcing negative breathalyzer samples and job-seeking activities to ascertain the simplest and most cost-effective approach to improving outcomes in this population.IRB Number: 15-041-2 (Alessi and Rash)
ART Adherence and Secondary Prevention of HIV
The purposes of this study are to evaluate the efficacy of a cell phone reminder intervention, with and without contingency management, on ART adherence.IRB Number: 12-205-2 (Rash)
A SMART Design for Attendance-based Prize Contingency Management (Yale Psychotherapy Development Research Center; PI: Carroll)
The purpose of this study is to evaluate attendance-based versus abstinence-based reinforcement procedures for the treatment of cocaine dependence.IRB Number: 09-053-2 (Alessi)
Contingency Management Treatment Duration (Alcohol Research Center; PI: Hesselbrock)
Systematic exploration of the alcohol dependence syndrome, its etiology, patterning and treatment.IRB Number: 08-053-2 (Alessi)


Recovery Enhancement with Awards Research Dissemination (REWARD) Center
This Center grant is designed to cross coordinate administrative structure, data management and training and supervision in contingency management treatment trials.

P30-DA023918 (Petry)