Are You Between the Ages of 18 and 25? Are You Struggling with Drug or Alcohol Use?

Researchers at UConn Health are recruiting volunteers for a study of better ways to help people deal with drug or alcohol use and traumatic events.

Half of participants receive a free experimental treatment to help them with drug or alcohol use and trauma. These participants have a chance to earn an average of $250 in prizes. The other half receives referrals for treatment elsewhere. Participants are randomly assigned to one of the treatments (like a flip of a coin).

All study participants are paid up to $295 for their time.

Participation involves meetings twice/week for 10 weeks and 3 interviews over 6 months.

Please call Trisha at 860-303-5356 for a confidential screening to see if you are eligible.


Prolonged Exposure, Contingency Management
IRB#: 16-101-2
PI: Kristyn Zajac, Ph.D.
Calhoun Cardiology Center
UConn Health
Version 02/17