Other Applications

Reinforcement interventions can also be applied successfully to other health areas:

1. Weight Loss

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2. Enhancing Exercise

a. Andrade, L. F., Barry, D., Litt, M. D. and Petry N. M. (2014). Maintaining high activity levels in sedentary adults with a reinforcement-thinning schedule. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 47, 523-536. PMCID: PMC4778539. doi: 10.1002/jaba.147.

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3. Medication Adherence

a. Petry, N.M., Rash, C.J., Byrne, S., Ashraf, S., and White, W.B. (2012). Financial reinforcers for improving medication adherence: Findings from a Meta-analysis. American Journal of Medicine, (9), 888-896. doi:/10.1016.j.amjmed.2012.01.003 PMCID: PMC3432682.

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We also currently have one grant investigating the use of reinforcement procedures to enhance medication adherence in patients with HIV: ART adherence and secondary prevention of HIV. R01DA022739 (Petry; a request to change PI status to Rash is in progress).

4. Diabetes

a. Petry, N. M., Cengiz, E., Wagner, J. A., Hood, K. K., Carria, L., and Tamborlane, W. V. (2013). Incentivizing behaviour change to improve diabetes care. Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, 15, 1071-1076. PMCID: PMC3737360. doi: 10.1111/dom.12111.

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