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UConn Health’s commitment to patient care is evident when viewed through the eyes of the patients themselves. Hear firsthand how people’s health and lives were changed because of the caring commitment of the providers at UConn Health. Then come experience it for yourself.

Pickleball Champ Credits UConn Health for Success

National pickleball champion Jeff Morse had a complicated knee injury due to an ACL tear that had occurred more than 40 years ago. UConn Health orthopedic surgeon Robert Arciero and his team rebuilt and stabilized his knee which Morse says has helped him achieve his pickleball success.

Exercise Enthusiast Back at the Gym Following Successful Augmented Reality Spinal Surgery

Bill Cateno, 76, credits his regular workouts for helping him think better and feel better. So when a weakness in his lower right leg threatened to curtail his daily exercise, he knew it was time to get it checked out. Augmented reality spinal surgery – a minimally invasive procedure performed by UConn Health’s Dr. Isaac Moss – got him back to the gym with minimal pain and downtime.

3D Printing Technology Benefits Breast Cancer Survivors

For breast cancer survivors who choose not to do reconstruction, breast forms or prosthetics can be uncomfortable and unnatural looking. Biomedical engineer Liisa Kuhn – who has labs at UConn Health and the Engineering School in Storrs - used her expertise in 3D printing to come up with a soft, breathable material that is custom fit to the woman’s chest wall. The result is a light weight, natural-looking alternative that women feel good wearing.

‘Motherhood Is Awesome’ – Sickle Cell Patient Thankful for Healthy Baby Girl

Battling the pain and disability of sickle cell disease since she was a child, Daisha Dillon had long been discouraged from having a baby for fear it would worsen her symptoms. But the team at UConn Health’s New England Sickle Cell Institute and Maternal-Fetal Medicine helped make Daisha’s lifelong dream possible.

Stage 4 Cancer Patient Beats the Odds

When Grace Rosol was first told she had breast cancer it was already in it's later stages and the odds of surviving more than 2-3 years was not good. But Grace is now well past her fourth year battling the disease with good quality of life which she credits to the providers at UConn Health's Carole and Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Difficult Choice - Positive Outcome for Pregnant Mom Battling Cancer

When Keri Sherman was diagnosed with colorectal cancer she was 17 weeks pregnant and was forced to make an extremely hard decision. Should she start cancer treatment right away and risk the health of the baby or wait and risk the cancer progressing to life-threatening stages? A multidisciplinary team of UConn Health providers helped guide and care for Keri throughout her difficult journey that ended with a successful outcome for both mom and baby.

Wedding Dance Possible Thanks to Successful Heart Procedure

A father of the bride was able to fulfill his daughter's dream and dance the traditional first dance at her wedding, thanks to the advanced cardiac care at UConn Health's Calhoun Cardiology Center.

Racing Against Time - Pregnant Woman's Baby and Vision Saved by UConn Health

A multidisciplinary team of providers at UConn Health worked to save a pregnant woman from a fast-growing brain tumor and ever-worsening vision loss, while first safely delivering her baby girl seven weeks early.

Teaming Up to Treat His Tumor

Garrett Johnson can’t say enough about the UConn Health team who successfully treated his potentially life-threatening brain tumor. From the primary care physician who first suspected something was wrong to the surgeons who removed it, Johnson says he received excellent care and won’t go anywhere else for his medical needs.

Our providers work hard every day to make a positive impact in the lives of our patients.

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“Thanks for a most excellent first visit. Beata McAuliffe, APRN, was extremely personal, and very informative about both my osteoporosis and the medication and treatment that she suggested. She clearly answered the few questions that remained, and helped quiet my fears about taking medication. Thank you for exceeding my expectations!”

— A Grateful Patient