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UConn Health’s commitment to patient care is evident when viewed through the eyes of the patients themselves. Hear firsthand how people’s health and lives were changed because of the caring commitment of the providers at UConn Health. Then come experience it for yourself.

Mom Beats Babesiosis and Successfully Delivers Twin Boys

Amy Childs was 35 weeks pregnant with twins when she was diagnosed with babesiosis – a tick-borne disease not as common as Lyme but extremely serious and potentially life-threatening. She was rushed to UConn Health where a multidisciplinary team worked around-the-clock to save her life and the lives of her twin boys.

“Walking Was Next to Impossible” Before Double Hip Replacement

Scott Nelson thought a “wheelchair was in his future” because he could not stand or walk before he turned to UConn Health's Dr. Adam Lindsay for care. Scott was diagnosed with Lyme disease and rheumatoid arthritis, then needed a double hip replacement. Scott has regained full mobility thanks to the comprehensive care of Dr. Lindsay.

Cochlear Implant Restores More Than Just Hearing for Navy Veteran

James Bascetta, a U.S. Navy veteran with severe hearing loss, was becoming socially isolated because he could no longer converse with his wife and family. Thanks to a cochlear implant and UConn Health’s audiology team, James is hearing sounds he hasn’t heard in years – including his wife’s Polish accent which he missed the most.

Mom Delivers Healthy Baby Despite Life-threatening Complications

Most pregnancies go according to plan, but when they don’t it’s imperative to have experienced clinicians who can deal with the unexpected. Such was the case with Stefanie Gaidos who suffers from a rare condition that put her and her baby’s life at risk. Watch the video to see how UConn Health’s specialized team of doctors and nurses helped Stefanie survive to deliver a healthy baby.

Young Heart Attack Survivor: ‘Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs’

When Brad Lauer started experiencing shortness of breath and tightness in his chest, he and his wife Kate had a hard time believing he was having a heart attack - after all, he's only 36 years old. Fortunately, Brad didn't ignore his symptoms and the teams at UConn Health's Canton office and main campus in Farmington worked together to make sure Brad had the best possible outcome.

Our providers work hard every day to make a positive impact in the lives of our patients.

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“Thanks for a most excellent first visit. Beata McAuliffe, APRN, was extremely personal, and very informative about both my osteoporosis and the medication and treatment that she suggested. She clearly answered the few questions that remained, and helped quiet my fears about taking medication. Thank you for exceeding my expectations!”

— A Grateful Patient