Hand and Upper Extremity

The UConn Health Department of Rehabilitation Services provides specialized therapy assessment and individualized treatment for people who have suffered hand or arm injuries, have undergone hand/arm surgery, as well as for those with other conditions which may affect a person’s ability to function in everyday activities. An individualized rehabilitation treatment plan is developed based upon the doctor’s therapy prescription, a specialized assessment, and the individual needs and goals of each patient.   Our team of occupational therapists hold advance-credentialed degrees in certified hand therapy and work closely with providers in the UConn Musculoskeletal Institute Department of Orthopedics to ensure optimum recovery for every patient.

Conditions Treated

Conditions treated at UConn Health may include and is not limited to the following:

Custom Upper Extremity Splinting

Our therapists are experienced in all aspects of custom splinting. The process of splint fabrication starts with designing a custom pattern, based upon your doctor’s prescription and your individual need. The splint is made of a low temperature thermoplastic material, and is secured to the body part with Velcro straps. The purpose of splints are to:

  • Immobilize and rest
  • Protect injured areas
  • Assist range of motion and increase function
  • Stretch connective tissue and increase joint mobility
  • Prevent or correct joint deformity
  • Maintain alignment of a joint after joint replacement

Your therapist will educate you in the wear, care and precautions of splint use.

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