Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute

The University of Connecticut has joined the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) as a Tier 1 member for the purpose of sharing their revolutionary human tissue and limb regeneration technologies. Headquartered in Manchester NH, ARMI aims to speed the growth and use of engineered human tissues and organs to meet the increasing health needs of the nation and its citizens, especially soldiers. ARMI is the 12th Manufacturing USA Institute, a national network of public-private partnerships intended to nurture manufacturing innovation and accelerate commercialization.

With public-private investment funding approaching nearly $300 MM, ARMI brings together a consortium of nearly 100 partner organizations from across industry, government, academia, and the non-profit sector to develop next-generation manufacturing processes and technologies for cells, tissues, and organs. The Connecticut Convergence Institute has teamed with ARMI in order to pursue the science of regenerating human limbs. This collaboration represents a unique opportunity to lend expertise to national rehabilitation efforts and advance engineering discoveries. Through translational efforts, these breakthroughs will be brought closer to the bedside of disabled soldiers and other Americans in need of vital medical care.