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Hospital Admissions for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions:
Rate per 100,000 by Insurance Type

The information below presents hospital admissions rates per 100,000 for ACSCs by insurance type for years 2012 through 2018. Hospital admissions rates for ACSCs are greatest for individuals with Medicare coverage followed by those with Medicaid coverage. Hospital admissions rates for private insurance, no insurance and other insurance are considerably lower than public insurance coverage for overall, acute and chronic conditions. The average number of hospital admissions for overall ACSCs from 2012 to 2018 was 5668 for Medicare, 2180 for Medicaid, 262 for Private insurance, 274 for no insurance and 149 for other insurance.

In the years prior to SIM (2012-2015) the rate of hospital admissions for overall, acute and chronic ACSCs per 100,000 substantial declined for Medicare and Medicaid. Private, None and Other saw modest decreases and increases. Since SIM, the overall hospital admissions rates for ACSCs decreased for Medicare, Private and Other. Hospital admissions for acute ACSCs decreased for all insurance types. Hospital admissions for chronic ACSCs increased for all insurance types except for “Other”.