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Hospital Admissions for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions:
Rate per 100,000 by Race/Ethnicity

The information below presents hospital admissions rates per 100,000 for ACSCs by race for years 2012 through 2018. In general, hospital admissions for overall ACSCs is highest for Blacks and lowest for Hispanics. The average number of hospital admissions for overall ACSCs from 2012 to 2018 was 1,991 for Blacks, 1,414 for Whites, 1,314 for Other,  and 1,068 for Hispanics.

In the years prior to SIM (2012-2015) the rate of hospital admissions for overall and acute ACSCs per 100,000 was on a downward trend for all races/ethnicities with the exception of Other. Chronic conditions were on the rise across all racial/ethnic categories. Since SIM, the overall hospital admissions rates for ACSCs decreased for Whites and Other. Hospital admissions rates for acute ACSC conditions decreased for all racial/ethnic groups. For chronic ACSC conditions, Black, Hispanic and White  racial/ethnic groups had increased rates while Other racial group decreased.