Older Adults

Think the poison center is not for you? Think again.

Older adults commonly call us because they took too much of their own medicine, made a mistake with a household product, took someone else’s medicine, swallowed the wrong dose, or are concerned about a drug interaction.

While adults over age 40 make up nearly 16 percent of poisoning exposure calls, they account for 60 percent of poisoning fatalities. Children under six make up more than 50 percent of poisoning exposure calls and they account for less than two percent of poisoning fatalities.

The poison center is not just for children!

Poison Prevention Tips

  • Read the label on household products before use.
  • Turn on the lights and wear glasses if needed before taking medication.
  • Know which questions to ask your pharmacist about your medicines.
  • Keep a medication record, bring it to every appointment with a health care provider and update it regularly.

If you are an older adult in Connecticut and would like a free copy of a guide to manage your medicines safely entitled "Medication: What You Need to Know," email poisonmaterials@uchc.edu or call 860-679-3531 and leave your name, mailing address, and telephone number. One will be mailed to you.