Mission, Vision, and Values


UConn Health Pharmacy is dedicated to achieving excellence in patient care, research, education, and public service through accurate, safe, efficient, and effective medication management.


To lead the advancement of pharmacy practice through collaborative innovation in all aspects of health care.


Collaborate with our colleagues to benefit patient outcomes

Diligence to our patients and duties

Diversity in thought and action

Empathy through compassion and appreciation for the needs of others

Ethics in all aspects of what we do

Expertise through evidenced-based, patient-centered recommendations

Lead to advance the practice and profession of pharmacy

Respect for our patients, ourselves, our co-workers, and our workplace

Mission Statement

  1. To provide a safe, efficient, and economical health care system medication distribution system in outpatient and inpatient settings.
  2. To provide pharmaceutical services that meet the needs of the patients in conjunction with the medical staff.
  3. To develop pharmacists’ clinical practice as an integral part of patient care in the health care system.
  4. To develop pharmacy technicians’ practice as an integral partner to the pharmacist in the provision of pharmaceutical care to patients and clinical staff of the health care system.
  5. To serve the drug information needs of the health care system staff, namely physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and patients.
  6. To develop standards and systems for the delivery of pharmaceutical services that will become an integral part of the health care system’s quality management and cost containment programs.
  7. To provide in-service and other educational programs consistent with the needs of the health care system.
  8. To participate in research programs that promote the development of newer agents useful in the management and treatment of diseases.
  9. To serve as an educational clinical, hospital, and ambulatory externship site for pharmacy students.
  10. To serve as an educational residency site for pharmacy residents.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to continue to be a leader in providing quality pharmaceutical care with a focus on complete and confidential service to patients across the entire health care spectrum through:

  • Expanding the role of the pharmacist as a clinician and drug information expert.
  • Expanding the role of the pharmacy technician as a pharmacy technical expert.

Empowering our pharmacy experts and continuously developing their roles will enable the Pharmacy Service to:

  • Provide pharmaceutical services that meet the needs of the patients in conjunction with the medical staff.
  • Monitor all important aspects of care through established structures and processes to ensure that the right drug and right dose get to the right patient by the right route at the right time and to evaluate the outcomes of care.
  • Provide patient medication counseling and health education, as well as staff education and drug information services.