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P&T Approved Therapeutic Interchange List

  • P&T List of Approved Medication Interchanges
  • Update 10/19/2016 includes: Updated IV to PO interchange criteria for non-antimicrobials, Alfuzosin interchange, Diphenhydramine restrictions or patients >65yrs with indication of sleep, therapeutic duplication clarification, pain scale clarification, Oxacillin to Nafcillin (shortage), Cortisporin to Maxitrol Opth (shortage), Ceftotaxime restricted to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center┬áNICU only (shortage), Breo to Symbicort, Berinert dose rounding.
  • Update 11/30/2016 includes: Anoro Ellipta and Stiolto Respimat to formulary inhalers, topical steroid equivalency table, Apriso and Lialda to Delzicol, Canasa to Rowasa, Cipro HC to Ciprodex, OxyMORphone to Oxycodone, Nabumetone & Diflunisal & Piroxicam to formulary NSAID, Insulin degludec to Insulin glargine, Miconazole vaginal to clotrimazole vaginal, Fenofibrate products and Risedronate to Alendronate.
  • Update 3/29/2017 includes: Pharmacist automatically putting in a sodium chloride infusion bag to be infused upon completion of Alteplase.
  • Last Update 11/29/2017 includes: Updated Statin and Pancreatic Enzyme Interchanges
  • Update 7/24/2018 includes: Losartan has replaced Valsartan as our formulary ARB due to some manufactures of Valsartan containing an impurity N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA).
  • Update 10/31/2018 includes: Change from Asmanex Twisthaler to Asmanex HFA MDI
  • Pharmacy Policy for P&T Approved Therapeutic Interchanges

Formulary Request Form for Review by P&T for Formulary Addition (Send to Gillian Kuszewski Upon Completion)

Non-Formulary Request Form (patient specific case)

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