Medication Shortages

Special Notice Fall 2017

Due to the impact of the hurricane on Puerto Rico September 2017, pharmacy is experiencing multiple shortages beyond normally expected and the timeline for resolution is difficult to predict. The below link is a guide to current shortages.

Critical shortages include: Mini-Bag Plus 100mL IV, D5W 50 mL/100mL IV, Sodium Chloride 0.9% 50mL/100mL IV, Metronidazole IV, Potassium 10mEq/20mEq IV minibags, Heparin 25,000 units/500mL IV and Heparin 1000 units/500mL IV.

Other shortages unrelated to the Hurricane include Bupivacaine, Lidocaine and multiple IV narcotics/controlled substances (DiazePAM, FentaNYL, HYDROmorphone and Morphine).  Narcotic and controlled substances are due to upgrades and shut downs at some manufacturing plants (e.g. Pfizer) with shortages continuing through 2018 until 2019.

Pharmacy will post information as this continues to develop. Oral therapy MUST be considered with significant injection/infusion shortages.

IV Small Volume Parenteral Shortage (D5w, NS) with Recommendations on Medications to be given IV Push (Starting Monday November 13th)

ORAL Therapy MUST be considered with significant shortages. Evaluate antibiotic usage for appropriateness (Procalcitonin levels, MRSA swabs).

IV Metronidazole Shortage Alternative Information

IV Potassium Memo on Shortage with Recommendations

IV Heparin Memo on Shortage (Pharmacy will be using 1/2 Normal Saline Product)

Loop Diuretics (specifically Bumetanide injection as of 12/2017)

ADD-Vantage Mixing Information (Used in Place of Mini-Bag Plus for Zosyn and Cefazolin)

iSecure syringe information (Controlled and narcotic syringes)

Internet Resources

Recent News Articles on Shortages

UConn Health Pharmacy Guidance for Past Shortages