Inside the Nurseries


The NICU is a 30-bed nursery adjoining the maternity and labor and delivery suites at John Dempsey Hospital. Each baby has his or her own fully equipped "station" which is tailored to meet the specific needs of the baby. There is plenty of room to place family pictures, stuffed animals and other keepsakes around the station.

Careful thought went into the design of the NICU. Dim lighting and soft colors were chosen, along with noise reduction materials, to create a pleasant area for infants and their families. It's important for the babies as well as the parents to be comfortable during their baby's hospital stay.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment for the optimal physical and developmental well being of babies and their families.

Parents Are Equal Care Partners

Our care team understands how difficult it is for parents not to be able to take their baby home right away. In addition to providing excellent care, we are here to offer emotional support and counseling to parents. We want parents to trust us and feel that they are equal partners in their baby's care.

When Babies Are Better

The Special Care Nursery may be the next step for babies as they recover and no longer need intensive care. Some babies may be discharged directly to home from the NICU. Others are transferred back to their home hospital for further care.