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Infant Security System

newborn sleeping

As a parent, the safety and security of your infant may be one of your biggest concerns. The nurseries at John Dempsey Hospital have a system designed to ensure your infant's security during the hospital stay.

All healthy newborn infants will have a security sensor attached to one of their limbs. While this sensor is in place, infants can be moved around the obstetrical/nursery area without a problem but they cannot exit the area. There are signs located around the exit areas that refer to a "zone". Infants can be in these areas briefly, but if they remain close to an exit for a long time, an alarm will be set off. If someone tries to take a baby through the doorway, an alarm will sound and the door will lock down preventing exit.

It is expected that babies will lose weight in the first few days after delivery. The band securing the sensor may be loose enough to slip off. Should this happen, please let a nursery nurse know so that a new band can be fitted.

If your infant is in the NICU, a security sensor may not be placed immediately. A security sensor will be attached once the infant has recovered enough to be with family members in a family room. The band will need to be removed if your infant requires a test off the unit; however, nursery personnel will supervise your infant during the test. The security band will be replaced once the baby has returned to the nursery.

If you have any questions about the security system, please ask your baby's nurse.