Message from the Chair

Dr. John Greenfield Jr.Brain, nerve and muscle diseases can be frightening and life-changing. A stroke or an MS attack can paralyze part of the body or make you unable to talk or understand, and suddenly you are dependent on others for basic needs. The numbness and pain of neuropathy can make each step like walking on hot coals. Weakness from muscle disease, myasthenia gravis or ALS can make simple tasks like eating or buttoning a shirt challenging. Headaches may prevent you from working or enjoying everyday activities with your family. Seizures come without warning and prevent you from driving, even if you feel normal most of the time. Parkinson’s disease can turn a walk to the kitchen into a prolonged journey. Your mother can no longer remember what year it is or what you talked about yesterday, and you wonder how long it will be before she can’t remember who you are.

We get it. You are looking for a place where your doctor knows you as a person, not a disease. Where your doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals work as a team to figure out what is wrong and how best to treat it. Where we know the latest treatments because we are teaching them to our medical students and residents, and doing research to improve our understanding of neurologic disease and come up with new therapies. Our goal is to provide you and your family with the care and tools you need to cure or best manage your illness. We have effective treatments for most neurologic disorders, and new medications are being approved at an increasing pace. Neurologic diseases are not so scary when you have doctors you trust. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

L. John Greenfield Jr., M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair of Neurology