Srdjan Antic
Prefrontal and somatosensory cortex; pyramidal neurons; synaptic transmission; excitatory neurotransmitters; the role of dendrites in synaptic integration; and dopaminergic modulation of dendritic excitability.

Rashmi Bansal
Multiple Sclerosis, signaling mechanisms that regulate development, myelination, demyelination and remyelination in transgenic mouse models and in tissue culture.

Elisa Barbarese
Cellular and molecular biology of glia and neurons and their role in multiple sclerosis and autism.

Kyle Baumbauer
Neurons responsible for transmitting sensory information to the central nervous system; the primary afferents.

Leslie R. Bernstein
Behavioral neuroscience: psychoacoustics.

John H. Carson
RNA trafficking in eucaryotic cells.

Jonathan Covault
Genetic correlates of alcohol use disorders and the role of neuroactive steroids in the effects of alcohol.

Stephen J. Crocker
Stem cells; glia; metalloproteinases; cytokines; development; pathology; tissue culture.

Rosaria Guzzo
Identification of key epigenetic mechanisms that modulate the cartilage-forming potential of human iPS cells.

Betty Eipper
Pituitary; peptides; trafficking; enzymes; tissue culture; molecular interactions; neurons.

Marion E. Frank
Gustatory neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, behavior and disorders; processing of chemosensory information by the nervous system; clinical testing of oral chemosensory function in humans.

Eric S. Levine
Synaptic physiology and plasticity, roles of nerve growth factors and endogenous cannabinoids in hippocampus and cortex.

James Li
Mechanisms underlying normal and abnormal development of the central nervous system; stem cell biology.

Leslie Loew
Morphological determinants of cell physiology; image-based computational models of cellular biology; spatial variations of cell membrane electrophysiology; new optical methods for probing living cells.

Xin-Ming Ma
Synaptogenesis and spine plasticity in hippocampal neurons; estrogen hormones, cocaine, stress and synaptic plasticity.

Richard Mains
Pituitary; peptides; vesicles; enzymes; substance abuse, neuronal cultures, behavior.

David Martinelli
Understanding the molecular logic of how synaptic adhesion proteins orchestrate synaptic formation, modification, and function, and ultimately providing an explanation for how these events influence behaviors, in particular the aberrant behaviors associated with neuropsychiatric diseases.

Royce Mohan
Chemical genetic approaches in corneal angiogenesis, fibrosis and retinal gliosis.

Douglas L. Oliver
Synaptic organization; parallel information processing in the central nervous system; Ionic currents and channel expression and their role in information processing; neurocytology, morphology, and cellular physiology of CNS sensory systems; biology of hearing and deafness.

Phillip Smith
Lower urinary tract physiology and dysfunction, especially in the context of aging.

Feliks (Ephraim) Trakhtenberg
Molecular mechanisms of neuronal development and regeneration in the CNS.

Zhao-Wen Wang
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurotransmitter release; potassium and calcium channel function; Synaptic localization of potassium channels.

Ji Yu
Optical imaging technology; regulation mechanisms in dendritic RNA translation; cytoskeletal dynamics.

Nada Zecevic
Cellular and molecular aspects of CNS development; primate cerebral cortex; microglia; multiple sclerosis.

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