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ovarian follicle cell microtubulesOvarian follicle cells, Red; microtubules, Cyan; nuclei

Testicular niche with Acetylated Tubulin staining
Drosophila testis niche

Drosophila testicular niche.

Red; acetylated microtubules

Green; GFP-alphaTubulin




Drosophila GSC overproliferation

Red; Tkv-mCherry

Green; GFP-alphaTubulin

Blue; DAPI




Drosophila testicular niche.

FM membrane dye





Follicle cell ER. Yellow: Sec61





Expression of egg shell genes in follicle cells





Centrosomes in Drosophila testis germline stem cells

Drosophila Germ cell division. Tkv-GFP.





Drosophila egg chamber.

Red; DAPI, Green; GFP-alphaTubulin





Drosophila testicular niche

Germline stem cells (blue) contain oriented centrosomes (red)





Follicle cell microtubules





Stretching follicle cells