Mayu Inaba PI

Mayu Inaba

Principal Investigator

Research interests; Asymmetric stem cell division, Gene regulation, Stem cell competition, Gene redundancy.




Samaneh Poursaeid

Postdoctoral researcher

Epigenetic processes regulate gene expression and maintain a specific cell fate through cell divisions. Drosophila male germline stem cells (GSCs) constantly divide asymmetrically to give rise to two daughter cells with distinct fates. My current research focuses on how expression of genes changes during asymmetric division of Drosophila germline stem cells.


Muhammed Burak Bener

Graduate Student

1)  My research project is focused on asymmetric cell division in Drosophila female germline stem cells. When stem cells divide, they generate one stem cell and one differentiating daughter cell. I am investigating intracellular cell-fate determining factors play a role in this asymmetry. 2)  I am interested in microtubule behavior during germline stem cell divisions in Drosophila ovary.

Autumn Twillie

UConn Undergraduate Student

I am working to visualize the localization and dynamics of the interaction of signaling molecules in vivo during niche-stem cell interaction in Drosophila testis.

Emma Kristine Beard

UConn Undergraduate Student

My project is to investigate outcome of asymmetric histone inheritance in Drosophila male germline stem cells.

Romir Raj

UConn Undergraduate Student

Romir investigates the mechanism of homologous chromosome pairing and transvection in germline stem cells.


Sharif Ridwan

Postdoc,  September 2020-August 2022

Matthew Antel

Graduate student,  May 2018-August 2022

Taylor Simao

UConn Undergraduate Student,  September 2017-August 2019

Madona Masoud
Research Assistant, September 2020-August 2021

Abigail Descoteaux
Research Assistant, January 2018-August 2018

Justin Sardi
August 2017-August 2018
Current position; Medical Residence, Cooperstown, NY

Sophia Ladyzhets
Glastonbury High School
September 2017-August 2018

Naiya Patel
Glastonbury High School
September 2018-August 2019