UConn/JAX-GM Training Program in Genomic Medicine-2

The UConn/JAX-GM Training Program in Genomic Sciences (UCJGS) leverages the unique combination of a recent, but thriving relationship between the University of Connecticut Health Center (UConn Health) and Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine (JAX-GM). Together UConn and JAX-GM are one of the leading hubs of excellence in genomic research in the world. Our research faculty include leaders of the ENCODE, 1000 Genomes, TCGA, 4D Nucleome, and Microbiome consortium projects.  Our institutions provide outstanding facilities to perform genomic research including excellent computational resources, easy access to every DNA and RNA sequencing platform, a stem cell and genome engineering core facility, and a joint UConn/JAX-GM single cell genomics facility. Training includes: didactic courses, seminar series, hands on technical workshops, and attending international conferences in genomics. Trainees are exposed to both wet and dry genomic research and are able to both generate and analyze genomic data. They are given a strong foundation in both the underlying biology of the systems being studied and the computational and statistical methods required to correctly interpret data, as well as educated about ethical scientific behavior.

Contact Information

Dr. Brenton Graveley
Email: graveley@uchc.edu

Dr. Charles Lee
Email: charles.lee@jax.org

Isolde Bates
Business Services Manager

UConn/JAX-GM T32 Genomic Science Trainees

T32 Genomics Retreat