UConn/JAX-GM Training Program Description

The trainees to be supported by the UConn/JAX-GM Training Program in Genomic Sciences (UCJGS) will be highly focused on training in modern genomic science, with an emphasis on innovative genomic technologies, computational genomics, statistical methods, and deep knowledge of the underlying biology. Individuals involved in the program will receive this training through formal coursework, laboratory research, seminar series, workshops, and retreats.

At UConn Health, all pre-doctoral trainees are admitted into an umbrella program called the Biomedical Sciences Graduate program. When students enter the Biomedical Science Ph.D. program, a first-year advisory committee will guide them in their selection of coursework, journal clubs and laboratory research rotations. This curriculum gives students the opportunity to become familiar with ongoing research at UConn Health and JAX-GM and obtain a sound academic foundation for future study. Many laboratories representing diverse scientific areas are available for graduate student research rotations and doctoral dissertation research. After the first year, each student selects a thesis laboratory and affiliates with one of seven areas of concentration to develop competency in their desired scientific discipline and to which their major advisor is a member. These areas are: 1) Cell Analysis and Modeling, 2) Cell Biology, 3) Genetics and Developmental Biology, 4) Immunology, 5) Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, 6) Neuroscience, and 7) Skeletal Biology and Regeneration.

All first-year students (Permanent Resident, US Citizen) are eligible to apply for a training appointment on the T32 award. This will be done by annual competition. Each year, 3 students will be accepted into the program.

The co-director(s) are meeting quarterly with the trainees to discuss research progress, course work, trainee concerns and program related requirements such as recommendations to attend meetings as required by NHGRI.

All UCJGS trainees are required to submit an F30 or F31 proposal. The timing of this submission is based on the initial appointment of the trainee. Fellowship applications deadlines are on April 8, August 8 or December 8 annually.


Participants in the UCJGS Training Program must not only take all of the courses required for the Area of Concentration they are enrolled thorugh the Biomedical Sciences graduate program, but several additional courses that are specific to the UCJGS Training Program. These courses are offered at UConn Health, UConn Storrs, JAX-GM, or JAX in Bar Harbor, ME (JAX-BH). Courses taught at UConn Storrs, which is located 36 miles from Farmington, are available via distance learning technologies that are in place at UConn Storrs, UConn Health, and JAX-GM. Courses offered at JAX in Bar Harbor, ME, will be attended in person, with JAX providing round- trip bus service between Farmington and Bar Harbor.

All T32 trainees have to follow the requisites as outlined by the graduate school.