Diabetes Self-Management Education Program

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, pre-diabetes, or gestational diabetes, you know it is a disease in which the body is unable to properly use and store glucose. You also know that with education and careful management you can live well with diabetes.

Our Diabetes Self-Management Education Program is designed to help you understand the disease and learn to manage it.

Experienced staff is here to guide and advise you. We provide care to help you achieve the optimum level of health. We also provide the support you need to make well-informed decisions about your care.

Our program has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association and meets its national standards for self-management education programs. These standards ensure that the program is well organized and effective in providing the instruction and support needed by diabetes patients to manage the disease. The standards also ensure that our program is comprehensive, well staffed and designed to meet the individual needs of all the participants.


Group Sessions to Assist with Skills, Information and Living with Diabetes
Our program offers a series of workshops where you can discuss all aspects of diabetes management, from basic information to advanced level skills, in a small supportive group. Your partner or support person is invited to attend with you. Classes are conveniently offered at the following locations: Farmington, East Hartford, West Hartford, and Simsbury.

Workshops include:

  • New to Diabetes Care
  • Meal Planning and Carbohydrate Counting Workshop
  • Diabetes Self-Management Series (Full Day Program)
  • Healthier Holidays: Reduce Stress, Enjoy, and Avoid Weight Gain

Our team will meet with you and your support person, and provide information on all aspects of diabetes management and control.

Individual Counseling Sessions on Type 1, Type 2, Pregnancy Planning, Gestational Diabetes, and Using New Equipment

Discussion topics include:

  • Meal planning, carbohydrate counting, weight control
  • Activity and exercise planning
  • Medications
  • Self blood glucose monitoring
  • Sick day management
  • Ketone testing
  • Pregnancy and pre-pregnancy planning
  • Gestational diabetes guidance
  • Stress management, risk reduction and problem solving
  • Updates on new injection equipment, monitoring devices, medications
  • Intensive insulin management and insulin pumps

Insurance Coverage

Fees for our services are covered by many insurance plans; a written referral will assist with insurance coverage. Please contact your insurer about coverage and out-of-pocket expenses. Fee or co-payment is required prior to the class at check-in. Cash, check or credit cards are accepted.

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