Courtney Rowe, M.D.

Pediatric Urology, Connecticut Children'sCourtney Rowe, MD and Christopher Foster, MS
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
UConn School of Medicine



The Rowe Research Lab focuses on improving postoperative outcomes for pediatric urologic patients. Our main focus is on optimizing urethral healing using regenerative medicine techniques. Urethral surgery is performed for a number of conditions, from hypospadias, the second most common congenital difference in boys, to urethral strictures suffered after blunt trauma in adults. Complications after surgery are high, in part due to poor understanding of urethral healing and lack of support for this process. Our lab seeks to improve outcomes by using in vitro models to inform translational investigations to support urethral healing.

Secondary projects include using the techniques above to support novel approaches in post-operative pain management and vaginal replacement.

Current Projects

  • Evaluation of Growth Factors after Pediatric Urethral Surgery
  • Integration of Growth Factors and Biomaterials to Optimize Urethral Healing
  • Development of a Prospective Registry for Urologic Reconstruction
  • Validation of a Complication Score for Hypospadias Surgery

Lab Members

Christopher Foster, M.S.

Christopher Foster, M.S.

Research Assistant II