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Research in the Department of Cell Biology is concerned with cells as well as how cells function in the context of the various tissues of the body. Our goal is to discover molecular and physiological mechanisms that underlie the treatment and prevention of human disease.

The department faculty participate in the first year medical and dental student curriculum, and the Foundations of Biomedical Science course for graduate students. Several faculty are also contributors to medical student textbooks.

The core of the department consists of former members of the Department of Physiology, which was chaired by Richard D. Berlin for over 30 years. In recent years, he oversaw the change to Cell Biology, the addition of members from the former Departments of Pharmacology and Anatomy, and the formation of the Center for Vascular Biology (Linda Shapiro, Director) and the Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling (Leslie Loew, Director). The Department of Cell Biology is also the academic home for basic science faculty members in the Pat and Jim Calhoun Cardiology Center (Bruce Liang, Director) and the Center for Quantitative Medicine (Reinhard Laubenbacher, Director). The department organizes the annual Richard D. Berlin lecture.

Seminars 2018

February 7, 2018
Duygu Ozpolat, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole. "Tracing the cellular origins of germline formation and regeneration in the annelids." (Mark Terasaki, Host)

April 4, 2018
John Lamar, Albany Medical College. “The Hippo-YAP/TAZ pathway and its role in cancer progression and metastasis.” (Pat Murphy, Host) 

May 9, 2018
Yukiko Yamashita, University of Michigan. "Asymmetric stem cell division and germ cell immortality." (Mayu Inaba, Host)

June 13, 2018
Rong Wang, UCSF. "Notch Signaling in Arterial and Venous Programming and Reprogramming." (Pat Murphy, Host)

September 12, 2018
Valentina Greco, Yale University. "Principles of tissue dynamics and function captured by live imaging." (Mayu Inaba, Host)

October 3, 2018 (9:00, L7040A, joint with skeletal biology group)
Laurence Legeai-Mallet, University of Paris. "Therapeutic Approaches for FGFR3-related disorders." (Leia Shuhaibar and Laurinda Jaffe, hosts)

October 3, 2018
Geoffrey Pitt, Cornell University."Lessons from the heart: New insights into physiology from ion channelopathies." (Lixia Yue, Host)

November 28, 2018
Andrew Lichtman, Brigham & Women's Hospital. "Immune Checkpoints in the Cardiovascular System." (Annabelle Rodriguez-Oquendo, Host)

December 5, 2018
Mario Delmar, New York University. “Debunking the concept of one gene-one disease in inheritable sudden death.”(Lixia Yue, Host)

December 12, 2018
Julian Lui, (joint with skeletal biology group) National Institutes of Health.“Dissecting physiological and pathophysiologically mechanisms in the skeletal growth plate." (Leia Shuhaibar and Laurinda Jaffe, Hosts)

Past Seminars

Cell Biology Retreat

Retreat photo

Cell biology and Vascular Biology, 2017 retreat at the Pond House (photo by Charan Devarakonda)