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Guide to Surgery

Before Your Surgery

To assist in a successful surgery, please follow these guidelines on the days before your procedure.

  • 1 to 3 days before surgery, expect a 5 to 10 minute phone call from the Surgery Center nurse. Have a pen and paper ready. They will review your medical history and surgical instructions.
  • Follow your surgeon’s instructions about taking routine medications.
  • Make arrangements for a responsible adult over the age of 18 to accompany and stay with you for 24 hours after surgery.
  • You will be called with your arrival time after 2 p.m. on the last working day prior to your surgery.

Day of Surgery

Follow these simple rules to make the day of your surgery safer and more comfortable.

  • Do not eat or drink after midnight (unless otherwise directed). This includes mints, lozenges, or gum.
  • Bring a list of medications with dosage and frequency information.
  • Bathe or shower on the day of surgery.
  • Brush your teeth but do not swallow any liquid.
  • Do not use makeup, hair spray, lotions, or oils.
  • Remove all nail polish and body piercings.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Leave all jewelry and other valuables at home.
  • Bring all sensory/assistive devices including glasses, hearing aids, and CPAP machines.
  • Be prepared to remove contact lenses.
  • If indicated, you must supply guardianship paperwork and/or power of attorney documents. The surgery will be cancelled if these legal documents are not available.
  • The anesthesia team will be available to discuss anesthesia options and answer any questions.
  • Bring a photo I.D.
  • Do not bring children with you on the day of your surgery.

If you're having surgery at UConn John Dempsey Hospital and will be staying overnight, watch this video for a patient perspective on what you can expect during your stay with us.


If you are having day surgery:

  • Whether you are driving in a car or taking a cab or other mode of public transportation, a responsible adult over the age of 18 must accompany you and stay with you for 24 hours.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding rest, activity, diet, medications, bathing, and returning to work.
  • You will be discharged when your doctor determines it is safe for you to leave the facility.

If you are being admitted to the hospital:

  • Contact the hospital floor for the visitor policy, including child visitor restrictions.
  • You should anticipate leaving at 11 a.m. on the day your doctor discharges you from the hospital.

Insurance and Billing

Your surgery and anesthesia charges will be billed to your insurance company. You are responsible to pay any balance as per your individual insurance policy.

If your surgery is not covered by insurance, you are required to pay on or before the day of surgery. An actual bill indicating a total charge will be sent after surgery. Unpaid balances must be paid within 30 days. All major credit cards are accepted.

If you have any questions regarding your insurance or billing, please call us at 860-679-1600.