Program Evaluation

The SBIRT Training Academy has extensive experience providing program evaluation to a wide variety of clients. We can create systems to track and monitor progress towards meeting your program’s goals, and can provide you with meaningful data to measure your intended outcomes and assess the overall effectiveness of your program.                                                  

Implementation Services

Guidance to facilitate implementation of SBIRT services, including TA and evaluation activities.

QA and Monitoring

Quality Assurance measures include monitoring number of patients screened, brief interventions provided, and number and outcomes of referrals. Services also include direct on-site observation and feedback. QA is maintained during and following the training using the Academy’s Observation Form and Fidelity Rubric.

Grand Rounds

An SBIRT overview can be delivered as part of Grand Rounds or all-staff meetings to help familiarize staff with basic concepts and start to think about practical applications to promote SBIRT.


All course offerings have corresponding train-the-trainer workshops. Trainings can be tailored to suit individual or agency needs, and the Academy’s “train-the-trainer” model enables widespread dissemination of evidenced-based services. Train-the-trainer courses vary in duration, depending on the complexity of the subject matter. Content may focus on topics, such as Motivational Interviewing, referral resources, and program evaluation.