What is REBAR?

REBAR is a term coined by The Cato T. Laurencin Institute’s Director, Dr. Cato Laurencin, which stands for Regenerative Engineering Biofitness and Resilience. REBAR is a field of research focused on linking the body and the mind to regenerative engineering. Our team of experienced researchers investigating REBAR aim to understand the relationships among health behaviors, physical and mental health,  regeneration, and regenerative engineering.

Breaking Down REBAR


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REBAR in Real Life

REBAR begins with healthy behaviors, most importantly diet and exercise. Our REBAR team is actively investigating the correlations between physical activity/diet and tissue regeneration. We believe that increased physical activity can improve regeneration and the body’s own repair and healing mechanisms.

Community Awareness Programs

1. JUMP Events- Just Us Moving Program

The Just Us Moving Program is a byproduct of REBAR. The goal of the Just Us Moving Program is to educate the community on the importance of increased physical activity.  Here at the Connecticut Convergence Institute, we believe that small changes in daily activity can result in substantial health benefits.

Sponsored by the Aetna Foundation, we offer FREE monthly JUMP events which are hosted by our trusted community partners at various convenient locations. These fun-filled programs include a section on healthy lifestyle education, a guided movement segment, which can be modified for all participants, as well as free food and giveaways.  We welcome people of all ages from kids to grandparents, so join us to learn how to increase your daily movement while adding fun to your routine!  Check out our schedule below for upcoming events.

Upcoming Events:


Previous Events:

Community Partners:

  • Emanuel Lutheran Church
  • First Cathedral Church
  • FLYY Fitness Healing and the Arts
  • SocaRobix
  • Southside Institutional Neighborhood Alliance
  • Urban League of Greater Hartford
  • YMCA
  • YWCA

2. Health Café Series

The Connecticut Convergence Institute promotes education, collaboration and convergence research across the University of Connecticut and UConn Health, as well as in the community-at-large. Thanks to funding from the Aetna Foundation, we are pleased to announce a Health Cafe series that builds on the success of our Science Cafes. Our Institute has expertise in uniting community members for in-depth conversations about prevalent healthcare related topics. The cafes take place in casual settings, such as restaurants and offer free lunch or dinner. Topics are generated via community feedback and are coordinated in partnership with local community organizations. These events are completely free and no prior knowledge is required to attend.

Suggest an upcoming Health Café Topic here!

REBAR Resources


“In order to live a vigorous life, physical activity and fitness are needed for the body, and resilience is needed for the mind.”

– Dr. Cato Laurencin