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CQM Researcher Awarded $13M State Contract

Congratulations to Dr. Minakshi Tikoo, on a multi-year, $13 million contract with the Connecticut Department of Social Services in the area of biomedical informatics and health information technology. As part of this award, she and her staff will:

  1. Build an HIT infrastructure for exchange of secure patient information;
  2. Facilitate the development of an HIT Strategic and Operational Plan for the State;
  3. Assist in the implementation of the Medicaid EHR incentive program;
  4. Participate in the Planning and Demonstration Grant for Testing Experience and Functional Tools in Community-Based Long Term Services and Supports (TEFT); and
  5. Serve as the Director of Business Intelligence and Shared Analytics, a new initiative at the Department to exploit “big data”, and the Health and Human Services Health Information Technology Coordinator for the state.