ResearchThe Center for Quantitative Medicine provides a formal common environment that brings together faculty across different disciplines that use quantitative methods to study and impact human disease and biological processes. The Center’s research concentrations include:

  • Bioinformatics, developing databases and computational tools for the analysis of a broad range of biological information;
  • Biomedical informatics, including the organization and analysis of large clinical data sets, such as health care management data;
  • Biostatistics, including the development of statistical methods for the analysis of large data sets;
  • Genomics, using analysis of high-throughput data sets;
  • Systems biology, systems medicine, and systems pharmacology, using mathematical tools to study molecular networks and multi-scale systems;
  • Other quantitative approaches to human health, including quantitative methods in public health, epidemiology, and the development of appropriate evaluation methods for health care-related processes and policies.

Past Research Projects