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We conduct collaborative research on all aspects of quantitative medicine and health care. Approaches include mathematical modeling and simulation of biomedically relevant systems and the analysis and integration of heterogeneous data sets covering all scales, from molecules to populations. Center for Quantitative always has opportunities for talented and motivated staff at all levels, from high school students to faculty. Please see our current opportunities.

In the news

  • Statewide Pain Consortium With JAX
    At a time when the danger of opioids is clear, UConn Health and The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) are collaborating to form the Connecticut Pain Consortium. Professor Reinhard Laubenbacher, who will lead the consortium and is a joint faculty member at UConn Health and The Jackson Laboratory, said the consortium will focus on researching the causes of […]
  • UConn Health Researchers awarded more than $2.2m from NIH grant
    Professor Reinhard Laubenbacher from the UConn School of Medicine Department of Cell Biology, Director of the Center for Quantitative Medicine and Professor at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Dr. Pedro Mendes also in the Department of Cell Biology and the Center for Quantitative Medicine, and Dr. Anna Dongari-Bagtzoglou, chair of the Division of Periodontology UConn […]
  • First of Its Kind Pain Consortium
    UConn Health, UConn Schools of Medicine and Nursing, and The Jackson Laboratory have announced the creation of the Connecticut Pain Consortium, a translational pain research and education collaboration which is the first of its kind in the Connecticut medical community. The consortium will be led by Professor Dr. Reinhard Laubenbacher, a joint faculty member at […]
  • 19th Annual Workshop Computational Cell Biology June 11-14, 2018
    The 19th Annual Workshop on Computational Cell Biology will be sponsored by the Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling (CCAM) at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine on June 11-14, 2018. This is an intense hands-on course designed to enable cell biologists and biophysicists to develop models of their experimental system using Virtual Cell […]