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Message from the Chair

Enrique Ballesteros, M.D., sitting next to a microscopeWelcome to the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine! In our clinical laboratories, we test samples, study disease, and provide results and interpretations for our patients. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing lab testing with safety and excellence as our guiding principles. In partnering with our providers and hospital, we support our greater purpose of providing high quality care for our patients.

Our history goes back to the early 1970’s when we started as two divisions, Anatomic Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Since then our teams have grown and witnessed the great advances in technology, going from manual lab tests to the highly automated platforms used today.

Our department is comprised of approximately 110 team members, including phlebotomists, medical technologists, histotechnologists, cytotechnologists, administrative director, associate directors, lab supervisors, lab support staff, administrative staff, Ph.D. clinical scientists, and pathologists.

What do we do? We study disease, including inflammatory disorders, cancer, and infectious diseases. We do this for diagnosis, prognosis, and/or for therapeutic targets. We collect and analyze blood samples, test body fluids and tissues, review biopsies, provide interpretations by subspecialists, provide expertise in transfusion medicine, manage a nationally recognized cystic fibrosis testing program, and ensure quality throughout the whole testing process, from collection, through analysis, to the reporting and communication of results.

In Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, alongside our clinical mission, we are aligned with our medical school’s education and research mission. Our department is directly involved with teaching the future generations of doctors in medicine and dentistry. From histopathology laboratories to team-based learning sessions, we teach pathology and laboratory medicine to provide our students with a strong foundation in their medical education. Our teams collaborate with our institution’s research community and fully support several research efforts throughout our campus.

Thank you for visiting our website and meeting our team of dedicated faculty and staff.

Enrique Ballesteros, M.D.
Chair, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine