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Hearing and Balance Testing

If you suffer from hearing loss or balance problems, a UConn Health audiologist can run a series of tests to discover the cause of your symptoms. Once identified, the audiologist will then be able to discuss treatment options with you.

Our services are often directly linked with the ear, nose, and throat specialists as part of the diagnosis and treatment process. ENT physicians are available for examination and consultation to determine if hearing loss can be treated medically or surgically. They also provide medical clearance for hearing aids.

Our audiology team has expertise in the diagnosis and management of hearing loss and central auditory processing deficits in the geriatric population. At UConn Health we are prepared to address challenges commonly faced by older adults with hearing loss including decreased auditory processing capacity, reduced cognitive function, compromised vision, and limited dexterity. A comprehensive model of audiologic management is used to ensure the highest quality of life for older adults to help this population effectively cope with hearing loss.