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Nursing Research Council

The Nursing Research Council (NRC) meets regularly and sponsors events such as the Writing Essentials for Publication Workshop. This well-attended, statewide workshop was designed to teach nurses how to write a manuscript so they can get their own research published. Some of the presentations included Integrating Theory, Reporting Statistical Analysis, Interventional Studies, Qualitative Studies, and Instrument Development.

Nursing Research Journal Club

The Nursing Research Journal Club meets every few months and presents and critiques published nursing research. Previous topics have included diabetes in adult patients, food allergies, and coronary heart disease. The club is facilitated by the faculty of the Nursing Research Fellows program; Robin D. Froman, Ph.D., RN, executive research consultant for UConn Health; and Regina M. Cusson, Ph.D., NNP-BC, APRN, FAAN, professor and former dean, UConn School of Nursing.

Nursing Research Fellows

UConn Health offers the Nursing Research Fellows Program where, if selected, nurses can participate in a nine-month education program to improve their knowledge of research methods and conduct research projects with the intention of implementing them to improve patient care. Current projects include:

  • Current State of Practice Related to RN Adherence to Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs
  • Would Postop Orthopedic Patients Dressed in Regular Clothes Increase Mobilization and Therefore Be Better Prepared for Discharge?
  • Does the Implementation of a Case Management Intervention/Protocol in the Hospital Setting Reduce COPD Readmissions?