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UConn AANS Medical Student Chapter

The cornerstone of the University of Connecticut American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) Medical Student Chapter is to provide mentorship and exposure in neurosurgery for medical students, pre-medical students, and any other students with interest in neurosciences. Through Neurosurgery at the University of Connecticut, the AANS Medical Student Chapter has fostered the collaboration between students and neurosurgeons from UConn Health, Connecticut Children’s, and Hartford Hospital through innovative research projects. Ultimately, the goal of these research opportunities is to generate new ideas to advance the field of neurosurgery as well as promote synergistic learning amongst all members. Each month, medical students and neurosurgery faculty from various neurosurgical subspecialties review the progress of current research studies as well as highlight newly established projects. These monthly meetings provide an opportunity for pre-medical and medical students to directly engage in both traditional and novel ideas within the field of neurosurgery research. It is with this approach, we aim to cultivate future leaders in neurological surgery.

Engaging in Neurosurgery Research

Students who are interested in joining a neurosurgery research study are advised to attend the next University of Connecticut AANS Student Chapter meeting. Each meeting will review numerous research projects available to students spanning across multiple subspecialties including Education, Spine, Vascular, Pediatrics, Functional, Tumor and Genomics, Peripheral Nerve, and Neuro-Oncology. After the meeting, students are encouraged to contact the corresponding faculty mentor and medical student champion with their interest in a specific research project, along with their CV/resume, and a brief explanation of their career aspirations as they relate to the study at hand. Additionally, research experience is not required in order to conduct research.”

Monthly Meeting and Mailing List Registration

Neurosurgery research meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. Meetings will briefly review the progress of ongoing research projects as well as highlight available research opportunities across numerous subspecialties. To receive notices for future meetings and other neurosurgery research opportunities, please complete the form to be added to our mailing list.

Neurosurgery Faculty Champions and Medical Student Champions

Neurosurgery research teams are coordinated by the University of Connecticut Neurosurgery team. There are many research opportunities available through all of our sites including the University of Connecticut, Hartford Hospital, and Connecticut Children’s. Students will have the opportunity to seek guidance and develop professional relationships with neurosurgery faculty through investigative projects. Medical students also directly collaborate with team members to teach fundamental skills of research including experimental design, data analysis, writing as well as knowledge about the neurosurgical field.

Contact Information

Please address any concerns or questions to Ketan Bulsara, M.D., M.B.A., at