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Physicians in our Infectious Diseases Division specialize in the treatment of individuals with diseases or conditions caused by infectious agents, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. These infectious diseases are becoming increasingly severe threats to public health, despite new and improved antimicrobial therapies. Our physicians are available for consultation on a wide variety of infectious conditions and to provide guidance on evaluations that may lead to the identification of an infectious illness.

We treat a wide variety of infectious diseases conditions, adhering to standards of evidence-based medicine in accordance with nationally published guidelines and standards.

Outpatient Consultations

We accept self-referrals for HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and pre-international travel evaluations. Physician referrals are required for all other requests.

UConn Health providers can request a consult through Epic, and outside providers can call the Physician Referral Line at 860-679-5555 to initiate the referral process. Prospective patients can call 1-84-GET-UCONN or request an appointment. Prior to making an appointment, we require a review of records by one of our Infectious Diseases physicians. Please do not fax any information to our office until contacted by our Infectious Diseases staff. Only requests following the above process will be reviewed.

Specialty Areas

Adult Vaccination
It is estimated that as many as 60,000 adults die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases. Too often, they forget to update their vaccinations or incorrectly assume the shots they received as children will protect them for the rest of their lives. We offer a wide range of vaccines to protect adults from preventable illnesses.

Bone and Joint Infections
Our physicians provide antibiotic management of bone and joint infections, and offer management of outpatient intravenous antibiotics and their complications.

Our physicians provide the full spectrum of management for individuals infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. We also conduct clinical trials on new therapies for AIDS, and offer Nutrition Services to our patients. For more information on research underway at UConn Health, visit our clinical trials web page. UConn Health is a Ryan White service provider and provides a broad range of HIV-related services.

Immunosuppressive Therapy
Our physicians offer pre-therapy evaluations for patients planning to undergo therapy with biologic immunosuppressive medications to treat psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions. Preventative strategies, including vaccination, can be identified to avoid infectious complications.

International Travel Medicine
Our International Traveler’s Medical Service provides pre-travel counseling and immunization to avoid unnecessary risks from unfamiliar but preventable diseases when traveling to developing areas of the world. We offer post-travel follow-up for individuals who become ill as a result to their travels.

Viral Hepatitis
Our providers specialize in the evaluation and ongoing management of patients with hepatitis B and C, including the implementation of antiviral therapy. They also collaborate with our gastroenterologists for patients with cirrhosis.

Focus On

UConn Health Minute: Flu Season During COVID-19

As if the COVID-19 pandemic isn't bad enough, the flu season is not far away. How severe will the flu season be as it converges with the COVID-19 outbreak? What can we do to prepare? UConn Health’s infectious disease specialist Dr. David Banach discusses the best defense against influenza, which also may protect against coronavirus.

Specialty Pharmacy

The UConn Health Specialty Pharmacy can fill any specialty medications prescribed to you by your health care team. In addition to having access to these specialized prescriptions, we have a dedicated Specialty Pharmacy liaison who can assist with everything from refills to navigating insurance to finding ways to make your prescriptions more affordable. To learn more, visit the Specialty Pharmacy website.