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  • Hurricane Sandy
    The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite 13 (GOES-13) captured this natural-color image of Hurricane Sandy at 1:45 p.m. NASA Earth Observatory image by Robert Simmon with data courtesy of the NASA/NOAA GOES Project Science team.

Health and Safety

Guidelines for Physicians and Healthcare Providers

This section provides general points that you, as a health care provider, may want to consider before your patients participate in clean-up efforts. Additionally, this section contains helpful information for patients that become ill following response and recovery activities.

Guidelines for Physicians

Mold and Moisture Course

Guidelines for Workers, Volunteers, and Residents

This section provides general points that you, as a worker, volunteer and/or resident, may want to consider before participating in clean-up efforts following severe storms.

Why should you be concerned about exposure to mold when severe wet weather has flooded buildings and things smell moldy?

Risk Messages

How can you protect yourself from exposures related to mold and moisture? What PPE/Personal Protective Equipment should you wear?

A Guide for Your Safety

Rebuilding with Resiliency

Resilient building is becoming increasingly important due to climate change. Sea level rise, increased abundance and/or severity of storms, and overall increased precipitation intensity are expected for many areas of the U.S.

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