Project Advisers

Robert DeBernardo, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H.

Title: Physician and Public Health Researcher

Organization: Consultant to UConn HealthDivision of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Relevant Expertise: Robert DeBernardo is an allergist who has specialized experience on indoor environments and health including serving as faculty for UConn workshops and courses on mold and moisture. Paula Schenck and Dr. DeBernardo contributed the chapter: Effective risk communication concerning environmental change with communities and patients exposed to excessive indoor moisture or mold in Bioaerosols – Fungi, Bacteria, Mycotoxins in Indoor and Outdoor Environments and Human Health, published in 2012.

Phone: 203-522-7249, Email:

Dr. De-Wei LiDe-Wei Li, Ph.D.

Title: Research Mycologist

Organization: The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Valley Laboratory

Relevant Expertise: Dr. Li’s current research focuses on spatio-temporal patterns and release/dispersal mechanisms of airborne fungi indoors and outdoors, succession of fungi on building materials, indoor mold inspection, indoor microfungal diversity, and biosystematics of Stachybotrys and other asexual fungi. Dr. Li is an associate editor of Aerobiologia and book editor of Biology of Microfungi, Springer.

Phone: 860-683-4979, Email:

Greg Bilodeau

Title: Reverend

Organization: Consultant to UConn HealthDivision of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Relevant Expertise: Reverend Greg Bilodeau will guide us in engaging members of the faith community for focus groups.

Phone: 860-627-5561 or 860-212-7693, Email:

Anne Bracker pictureAnne Bracker, M.P.H., C.I.H.

Title: Occupational/Industrial Hygienist

Organization: Connecticut Occupational Safety and Heath Administration (CONN-OSHA)

Relevant Expertise: Anne Bracker is an occupational hygienist with Connecticut OSHA’s private sector consultation program. In this capacity Ms. Bracker helps management personnel and labor organizations identify and control workplace hazards and prevent work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities. Before joining Connecticut OSHA, Ms. Bracker worked for the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at UConn Health in Farmington, CT and Federal OSHA in Hartford, CT.

Phone: 860-263-6920 Email:

Ronald Kraatz PhotoRonald Kraatz, M.P.A.

Title: LAMPP Senior Manager

Organization: Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Relevant Expertise: Ronald Kraatz, M.P.A., is the manager for the Healthy Homes Project at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Mr. Kraatz has over thirty years experience in public health, environmental management and housing issues. He has successfully managed over $37 million in federal and State funded lead hazard control and healthy homes grants. Prior to joining Connecticut Children’s, Mr. Kraatz served as the Director of Health for the Town of Manchester Connecticut.

Phone: 860-837-6236, Email: